One Company,  One Call
One Relationship!

a single source for all your electrical and electronics needs

Wouldn't it be better to manage a single relationship with one company instead of multiple?  At VAV we take pride in our abitility to do everything electrical or electronics related today's residential and commericial projects require.  Please take a few seconds and familiarize  yourself with some of the services we have to offer and if you have any questions we're always just "one" phone call away.  

There are a lot of companies in the electrical, audio & visual and systems integration business today without the licenses, certifications or the in house talent to do all your system's needs under one roof and when it comes to advanced systems programming or GUI designs most will either sell a limited system that doesn't require it or hire yet another company to do it for them. When a system needs maintnenance, updating or additional features added why coordinate with multiple company's when you could call just one. 

Managing multiple relationships doesn't simplify your life so let us help you make your life simple.  That's what we're here for!
  1. Audio & Video, picture of man in front of TV
    Audio & Video Systems
    Whether you want a simple system in a single room or an elaborate system that integrates all the sub systems of your home or business, from heating & cooling to window treatments, we can make your systems easy to operate, manage and automated. At VAV we can design, pre-wire, install, program and maintain it all.
  2. Picture of audio & video distribution rack of equipment
    Data Networks
    With our growing dependence on technology, in this new "connected" lifestyle we're living, it's extremely important that today's homes and businesses have a robust wired and wireless network infrastructure to meet the ever growing demand for speed, bandwidth, security & reliability.
  1. Picture of Lutron HomeWorks QS house with keypad
    Lighting Control
    With Lutron Lighting Systems we can control all your light; interior, exterior and even natural light coming in through windows an doors. Never again walk into a dark home or waste energy by leaving lights on in unoccupied spaces. Replace the clutter of multiple switches with a single sleek multi-button keypad. Set a mood or scene with a single button press for a room or the entire property.
  2. Picture of Lutron's shade installation with keypad
    Automated Shades & Drapes
    Lutron's shading technology is the best in class and the ideal solution for total light control with a wide range of automated window treatments. We can provide you privacy at a touch of a button or save you from increased energy costs by automatically maximizing or minimizing solar gain so your HVAC is more efficient. Work with the sun, not against it!
  1. Picture of HAI security panel's internal wiring
    HAI Security & Automation Systems
    Security systems aren't just for our protection & safety anymore, we now use them to provide important information to help us manage your home or business. With the addition of cameras and extra sensors we can provide detailed information at a touch of a button and send this data to your other systems to facilitate automation.
  2. Picture of garage with car lifts and classic cars
    Electrical Wiring
    The quality of a job is in the details and those details extend to even the electrical wiring. The placement of switches, lights and outlets should be done with consideration; unfortunately most electricians just consider what's easiest and most profitable. At VAV we care about the details and the end result, not just the bottom line!